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On this page we have images with examples of the common things we work on as well as creative explanations of how we can serve you. At your place of business or at your residential complex we can provide our services.


Give us a test!!Does your community have a lighting electrical problem that nobody can solve? Do you need a fast response with quality results and follow up? Call our helpful staff to place a service request. We offer fair and honest pricing and results that aim to please. We will take the problem away and turn it into a positive by completing repairs or recommending a solution for repair. Either way you will get clear and complete explanations and a report of findings of our accomplishment. No job is too small. To limit excessive service requests, take a more proactive approach with our lighting maintenance programs!!



We are very enthusiastic about helping your community. Our objective is to work with you and your community lighting system to ensure that the lighting is operating properly and efficiently. By hiring our services you will notice results in having a safer and more secure property at night. Our consistent approach to maintaining and improving the lighting has proven to save money and be less of a burden on the community budget and community managers. We are a complete lighting and electrical services company. This way you know that all issues that effect your lighting system will be handled properly and efficiently. We develop a relationship with each community. This means that we identify and stock all of the proper components that each of our contract communities have. We learn the lighting control and the electrical system. We know exactly how the system works so that when there is a failure, whether it is a light or ballast that has burned out, or a more complex electrical short circuit, the problem is resolved quickly, properly, and efficiently.

Another quality that we offer is OUTSTANDING COMMUNICATION! A lot of the time our repairs are performed after-hours. In this case an after hour notification card is left at an agreed location with detailed explanation of what was done and when we were there. This notification will also inform onsite personnel if there are any pending issues that may require follow-up. We accompany every invoice with a detailed site map indicating what repairs were made and where repairs were made. This further helps clarify our efforts. So please feel confident in calling upon our services. Our specialty is "keeping you out of the dark and a customer for life!"


Call us for your property lights that require a boom lift to access. Community street lights, business parking lot, and retail center pole and building lights are important to keep working. At night a community is much safer and secure with the street lights working properly. Business parks and shopping centers that are well lit are safer and will attract more business. Our own lift trucks enable us to provide fast and safe high reach lighting services and maintenace.





Interested in a property improvement?
Is the lighting old and outdated?
Does your community have inefficient lighting?

Did you know that a quality energy retrofit, lighting design improvement can not only pay for itself in lower energy bills but it will also reduce maintenance cost and improve property values? Call us today to inspect your community or building lighting system and we will clearly spell out the return on investment.

Do you have an electrical panel or pedestal that has deteriorated?

Old outdoor panels and pedestals can fall apart and cause major problems and safety concerns. We can help with competitive prices and quality installs of panels and pedestals.

Does your community have dark areas at night?

A well illuminated community is a much safer community with less unseen activity. Let us show you how to better illuminate areas to help deter unwanted activity and help the police and security company's keep you safe. A small and affordable improvement can make a huge difference. Architectural buildings, monument signs and landscape lighting are tremendous enhancements to community's and buildings. Identify your real estate with a well lit monument sign. Flood unique architecture to maximize effect. Illuminate landscape to improve the image and increase the size of your community. Let us help you with a creative lighting design that will dazzle and attract occupants and investors. Whether it be a new gated entry or new pathway lighting we promise to see your project through to completion.


Due to our experience in our trade, we know that often times light fixtures and light poles require metal repair work. At Peak Lighting & Electric, Inc. we have our own ability, equipment, and skill set to do metal repair work and custom fabrication. This is an exclusive process and our customers benefit from this ability by receiving fast and cost effective turnaround times on metal repair work for their property light fixtures and light poles.


Before you replace light poles and light fixtures, check to see if we can repair and refurbish them. A lot of times we are able to save customers money and the refurbished product looks near brand new. Sometimes better than new because we can make the item stronger than it was originally before.