Save Energy, Save Money, Save The Enviroment

Did you know that becoming our client and working with Peak Lighting Electric Inc. that you are doing your part in saving energy, saving money, and also helping to reduce pollution?

It is true that together we make a difference!! Lighting has been targeted for massive innovation improvements to become more and more efficient. By switching from older technology to more efficient lighting types we can reduce energy use and help reduce industrial pollution. If everyone improved their lighting efficiency just a little, together we could save enough energy to light millions of homes, save millions in energy costs, and reduce pollution equal to the emissions of hundreds of thousands of cars.

Some key lighting efficiency points:

  • LED lighting uses 75% less electricity than other traditional light sources and have much longer expected life of 8 to 10 years or more.
  • By switching from older light sources you can save about $30.00 or more in electricity costs over each bulbs lifetime.
  • Converting from older light sources you reduce operating temperatures by 75% for a safer, cooler light source.
  • Convert to L.E.D. lighting to have a smart return on your investment. Let us show how to slow down that spinning meter.
  • Lets do our part together by budgeting energy efficient lighting retrofits, being smart and getting this work done!!

    Remember at Peak Lighting & Electric Inc. we recycle all of your exhausted mercury content lamps. Fluorescent and H.I.D. lamps that contain mercury are considered universal waste and require proper disposal and recycling. Thank you for allowing us to dispose of old lamps properly so that mercury does not enter our streams and oceans.